Hello! My name is Olyn Poole and if you live in Tarrant County, I am asking for your vote for judge of the 352nd Civil District Court on November 3, 2020.

Here’s why:

I have spent the last 17 years in the Courtroom, including the 352nd District Court. I am a husband and father and I believe without integrity, you have nothing.

Courtroom Experience:

I have experience practicing in courtrooms not only in Tarrant County, but also in Dallas and Harris (Houston), and all over the State. I have earned the trust of hundreds of clients by listening, by having passion, and by being unquestionably honest. I am running for judge because I can help the people of Tarrant County resolve their disputes under the law efficiently and with dignity.

I have handled construction disputes, commercial lease disputes, partition lawsuits, title disputes, fraud and deceptive trade practices, fraud-in-real-estate transactions, business divorces, employment matters, banking disputes, among others. I have had every kind of day you can imagine in Court – days where I lose every argument, and days where my client wins the unwinnable. Regardless of the outcome I work hard to help people and now it is time for me to do my part on the bench.

Legal Knowledge:

My legal knowledge is not just based in civil litigation but also probate, business organization and management, estate planning and family law.

Because of this background, I can untangle complicated legal issues that involve more than one set of laws.

In addition to my litigation experience, I have years of transactional experience – that means I am experienced in not only forming businesses, but also advising them in their ongoing legal needs.

Real World Experience:

I’ve been an attorney at law firms, a solo practitioner, and I am currently managing Decker Poole with my wife, Kelly Decker. I have real-world experience in resolving disputes, managing employees and dealing with the challenges that life and business bring. As an attorney, I use my experience and knowledge to help others. I will do the same as a judge.


I cannot express enough how important judicial temperament is to our legal system. Judges are the gatekeepers of our legal system. It is critical that everyone has access to a judicial system that respects the parties and the law. I would consider myself a failure as a judge if my courtroom did not guarantee civility, efficiency, and respect for every single person who walks in.

Olyn PooleAs a private practice civil litigator, working directly with clients, I understand how stressful and expensive civil litigation can be. I understand how important it is to have a judge who has experience, can recognize unnecessary and costly delays, knows the civil rules and processes, and efficiently manages the court’s trial docket. Every litigant has a right to trial by jury. Every litigant should be treated with dignity and respect. Every person should expect and demand a fair and impartial process and a judge who will follow the law. I am running for judge of the 352nd District Court because of my experience and my belief in the legal system that works when we are all treated with fairness, impartiality, and respect for each other and the law.

I appreciate your support and your vote!


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